Young leaders join H360, iPDR and TUDO Agency in the planning of innovative platform

Young leaders join H360, iPDR and TUDO Agency in the planning of innovative platform

Empowering, mobilizing, strengthening, inspiring, provoking, challenging, giving a voice. These are the pillars for the work that Humanitas360 and the PDR Institute conduct in Brazil and throughout Latin America. Along with young social leaders, social entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, activists and artists, both organizations are designing a cutting-edge platform in order to discuss the most pressing issues of Latin America and come up with innovative solutions.

But how will an event like this look like? How can it become a reality?

Believing in the value and richness of co-creating with other people, Humanitas360 and iPDR, in partnership with top communication agency TUDO, gathered young leaders that work in various fields to participate in the second co-creation exercise. The challenge posed was to bring forth tangible steps in order to make this initiative a reality.

The workshop was hosted by the TUDO Agency in their main office in São Paulo. Senior leadership of the agency jointly led the activities, sharing their knowledge and experience with the 30-people group of participants.

“It was so great to receive this invitation to be with you as we build the Right Now Initiative. This is for sure a transformative and consistent project. I believe that the world is asking for things like this,” said Maurício Magalhães, the president of TUDO.

This was the second brainstorming and planning meeting for the event – the first one happened a couple months ago. The third workshop is scheduled to take place early next year as the event continues to gain shape and content. This is an exciting time for the organizations as they seek to place Latin America in a more prominent place on the international stage.