Potable Water Coalition for Indigenous Peoples

Charter of Principles


Clandestine mining in Yanomami lands has contaminated the waters that supply their villages, further exacerbating an unprecedented environmental and humanitarian catastrophe, which has attracted a lot of attention to this problem, in Brazil and abroad. However, many other indigenous lands, in different parts of Brazil, also suffer from the contamination of their waters, for various reasons.

Deforestation, indiscriminate use of pesticides, hydrological changes caused by large infrastructure projects and climate change, which causes changes in rainfall and temperatures, affect the availability and quality of water.

Recognizing the responsibility of Brazilian society for the drama experienced for centuries by our original peoples, with the vision that life is impossible without pure water, and assuming the mission of bringing water suitable for human consumption to the indigenous communities that need it most, the citizens, social organizations and companies brought together in this coalition commit to:

  • Raise funds and develop innovative solutions to guarantee the supply of drinking water to as many indigenous villages in the country as possible, particularly in the Legal Amazon.

  • Promote the history and culture of Brazilian indigenous peoples, as well as the challenges they face to ensure their survival.

  • Seek dialogue with the Public Power at the federal, state and municipal levels, in order to guide concrete actions by the Executive and Legislative branches at all these levels, aligned with the mission.

Project status:

  • Installation completed in the Pabiquebi village (Paiter Suruí ethnic group), in Rondônia
  • Installation completed in the Lapetanha village (Paiter Suruí ethnic group), in Mato Grosso
  • Installation completed in the Gamir village (Paiter Suruí ethnic group), in Rondônia
  • Installation completed in the Apoena Meirelles village (Paiter Suruí ethnic group), in Mato Grosso
  • Under negotiation for São Pedro village (Tenetehara Tembé ethnic group), in Pará

Participating organizations and companies
● PDR Philanthropic Fund
● Humanitas360 Institute
● Água Camelo

Personalities who support this initiative
● Adrienne Senna Jobim
● António Manuel Teixeira Mendes
● Armínio Fraga
● Bia Saldanha
● Cacique Almir Suruí
● Carlos Vicente
● Eduardo Wurzmann
● Elie Horn
● Fábio Alperowitch
● Fábio Feldmann
● Fernando Abrucio
● Fernando Lottenberg
● Fersen Lamas Lambranho
● Helio Santos
● Joaquim Falcão
● Lélia Wanick Salgado
● Marta Arretche
● Nelson Jobim
● Patrícia Villela Marino
● Ricardo Henriques
● Sebastião Salgado
● Vivianne Falcão
● Yacoff Sarkovas
● Zeca Martins