LAB360: computer labs in prisons

LAB360: computer labs in prisons


Assignment of computers to prisons and organization of virtual social visits and distance learning so that people deprived of their liberty can make videoconferences with their families and continue their studies. The equipment is donated to the penitentiaries, as a legacy for the development of education projects, technological training and distance learning higher education. Currently deployed in the states of Maranhão, Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte, with expansion planned for Rio Grande do Sul.


Promover a capacitação profissional, a melhoria da formação educacional dos detentos, contribuir para a remição de suas penas e assim facilitar sua reinserção social e colaborar para a melhoria da segurança nas unidades prisionais.

The President of H360, Patrícia Villela Marino, and Director Higor Cauê, with two inmates benefited by the project