None of us can be indifferent – letter from the president of H360

None of us can be indifferent – letter from the president of H360

Humanitas360 was founded with the core belief that all people, no matter their race, gender, geography, sexual orientation, and financial means, have inalienable rights that cannot be denied and must be vigilantly defended.

In recent days, the world has watched as the degradation of those rights for African Americans have become tragically evident. This crisis has exposed the kind of racism we see daily in the criminal justice system that too often stays hidden behind prison walls.

This is not a U.S. crisis, it is a global crisis.  It is a moment for people of all backgrounds to stand together and take accountability for the lack of humanity in our society that has tragically become our daily norm.

It is insufficient to simply not engage in racist thoughts and actions in our own lives.  We must do more than talk about diversity and instead embrace it and understand the pain, disparity, and injustice that people of color suffer daily. It’s not a time for paralyzing guilt; it’s a time for the kind of understanding that inspires us to become empathetic and active leaders in our families and communities.

We live in a world today that moves too quickly.  Moments of outrage burn fiercely and then disappear, and we allow the underlying injustices to linger.  No more.  All people must come together with one loud and sustained voice that says we can and must do better.

The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that “True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.”  In our world today, we seek to avoid tension and consider that an accomplishment.  This means that we never get past the surface to attack and eradicate the underlying causes.

Justice for George Floyd is necessary but not enough.  This is about more than one police officer or one incident; it is about a culture of hate and violence. We must enforce the law and change the laws, but also recognize that over 400 years of systemic oppression has created a sickness that forces too many to live in fear. We must cure the disease – not just its symptoms – and change our mindset.

If we can achieve that change, we can build bridges to unite our fractured society.

We stand sentry with all those who are hurting in this time of deep sorrow.  And we pledge our resources, energy, and commitment to keep the fire we feel in our hearts right now burning not just today and tomorrow, but until justice and humanity is within reach for all people.

None of us can be indifferent.

Patrícia Villela Marino, president of H360.