Meet the new Humanitas360 Institute Board Advisors

Meet the new Humanitas360 Institute Board Advisors

Upon returning to the face-to-face meetings with directors at Humanitas360 Institute, the institution announced  in May the addition of five new advisors to the Advisory and Fiscal Boards. At the meeting, the advisors were introduced a new phase of the institution, with the development of the Tereza Brand Business Plan and Theories of Change for the H360 projects, in addition to the implementation of the Salesforce system, offered on a pro-bono basis to the institute, and a research coordinated by social worker Evani Rodrigues on the social profile of women and families served by H360.

Meet the five new members of the Humanitas360 Institute’s board:

Francisca Rodrigues Pereira is the Dean and professor at Zumbi dos Palmares University. Graduated in social communication with a masters in communication, she works in the communication and marketing departments and projects in the area of diversity.

Cleide Aparecida Vitorino is a law professor at Zumbi dos Palmares University. She is currently a doctoral student in Legal and Social Sciences at the University of Morón (Argentina). Speaker, columnist and lawyer working in the area of Human Rights in ethnic racial and discriminatory issues, migratory rights and political and electoral law.

Jô Santana (Jozivânio Santos Santana) is a theater director, cultural producer and actor. He is the author of the “A Trilogia do Samba” project, which includes the musicals “Cartola, o Mundo é um Moinho”; “Dona Ivone Lara – A Black Smile” and “Marrom, the Musical”. As an actor, he received the Revelation award for the Calabar show by Chico Buarque and Ruy Guerra. He was nominated for other awards in several categories like children, adult and musical plays such as: Brazil Quality Award, Shell Award, Aplauso Award, Bibi Ferreira, FEMSA, among others.

Reginaldo Gabriel de Lima is the co-founder of G10 Favelas. He is a Doctor Honoris in Social Sciences by OCB / FEBRAICA with experience in property evaluation, resolutions with conciliation and mediation of urban and corporate conflicts. He launched the TUDO É PAUTA platform, co-founder of Investe Favela and director of community articulation at Alicerce Education.

Lucilene Silva Prado is a lawyer, graduated in 1992 from the University of Ribeirão Preto with specializations in Business Law and Tax Law. She has been working since 1988 in the area of business law, mainly in the tax, commercial and corporate reorganization areas. She is currently a professor at Insper, board member at Instituto Semeia, chairman of the fiscal council at Instituto Natura and technical consultant at the audit and risk management committee at Natura Cosméticos S.A.

Márcio Novaes Cavalcanti is an undergraduate and post-graduate professor of Law at Mackenzie Presbyterian  University. He holds a master’s degree (LLM) from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a specialization in Financial Law, and is a doctoral candidate in Political and Economic Law at Mackenzie Presbyterian University.