Marca Tereza displays products by Tremembé Penitentiary inmates in the Madalenas Market, in São Paulo

Handicraft products produced by the inmates of Women’s Penitentiary II of Tremembé enchanted shoppers at the Madalenas Market, a bazaar held at the Museu da Casa Brasileira, on September 28 and 29, in São Paulo (Brazil). Sâmela Souza, the daughter of inmate Eliana Conceição, was representing her mother and all the members of the cooperative at the market, proudly displaying the exclusive embroidery and crochet designs. “I am very pleased with this work by my mother, and that I can also help out,” said Sâmela.

The brand Tereza, which markets products developed by cooperatives of inmates and former inmates, incubated by Instituto Humanitas360, has been presented in different bazaars and charity events. The objective is to collect donations for new cooperatives and to disseminate the project, which aims not only to create jobs and income for inmates and former inmates, but also to change society’s views on incarceration and the criminal justice system, to contribute to reducing crime.

Despite the consistent results produced by the program “Entrepreneurship Behind and Beyond Bars” in reducing criminal recidivism, since June work has been suspended at the workshops of the two inmate cooperatives created by H360 inside the prison units in the city of Tremembé (SP). This occurred after various attempts by H360 at signing a technical cooperation agreement with the government of São Paulo, to formalize work that began a year and a half ago, with investments of over R$ 1 million in equipment, training for inmates, development of products, teams and other items. The brand Tereza was created to market this production, which can be purchased from the online store at