Who We Are

Patrícia Villela Marino do Humanitas360

Patrícia Villela Marino, Co-Founder & CEO

Bachelor in Law by Mackenzie University. Patrícia was a guest student in the Philanthropy and Third Sector course at the J. F. Kennedy School of Government, at Harvard University. As CEO of H360, she works to reduce violence, increase transparency and encourage active citizenship in Latin American countries. Patrícia is also the founder of CIVI-CO, a community formed by civic-socio-environmental impact entrepreneurs and third sector organizations. She was also a member of the Global Shapers program founding council, the World Economic Forum, and led the creation of the Latin American Platform on Drug Policy (PLPD), a program supported by former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brazil) and César Gaviria (Colombia).

For her work in the third sector, Patrícia won the Humanitarian Award (2020) by the Trust for The Americas (OAS); the XXII Santo Dias Human Rights Award (2018) by the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo; the Humanitarian Award of the Year (2016) by BRAVO and the POWER of Social Impact Award (2011) by the ABC Business Awards.

Angela Almeida, Assistant to the President

Angela supports the president and the daily administrative activities, as well as supporting the entire team with all issues regarding operations and logistics.

Angela holds a bachelor’s degree in law, and worked at the Brasil Voluntário Institute – in 2001, she was responsible for organizing the UN’s Year of the International Volunteer event in Brazil. She served as the assistant to the president at the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo and of the Itaú Cultural Institute between 2002 and 2019.

Since 2002, she has served as a volunteer in the administrative department at the Community Association Despertar, which offers skilled trade training programs for teenagers and adults in São Paulo.

Laura Martini Zellmeister, Projects Manager

She works alongside project supervisors, coordinating the different initiatives carried out by H360.

Laura has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from FEA-USP and a specialization in Agile Project Management. She has experience in the field of social impact and volunteering, with a focus on designing corporate responsibility strategies, as well as developing and managing a portfolio of social projects. She worked at the JPMorgan Chase Foundation supporting organizations in six Latin American countries.

Laura loves animals and in her free time she enjoys watercolor painting, reading and meeting family and friends.

Diego Silveira, Photographer and Videomaker

He supports the Communication Department providing audiovisual, photography and design material.

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism by FAU-USP, experience in social projects. He has always used audiovisual as a way of working, understanding and intervening in the urban space. He participated in the production of web documentaries, short films and independent documentaries.

Father of a pet, he likes to watch series, read books, draw and take pictures of the city in his spare time.

Flavia Maria da Silva, Administrative Assistant

She provides assistance in all functions of the Institute’s legal team.

Flavia has played a leading role in the ecosystem of cooperatives for imprisoned women, former prisoners and victims of domestic violence created by the Humanitas360 Institute since its inception in 2018. She chaired the social cooperative installed in the Women’s Penitentiary II of Tremembé, in São Paulo’s countryside. After 10 years in prison, she is currently on an open regime and is happy with the support she received from H360, since the days in prison to her current reintegration into society. She is a Law student at the Zumbi dos Palmares University.

Flavia likes to make the most of her time with the family, because, for her, every minute with them is now precious.

Marisol Carmona DeLisser, US Operations Manager

She represents H360 in the United States and works closely with the team in Brazil to achieve the organization’s goals.

Marisol graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational and Corporate Communication and a minor in Museum Studies. She has a background in hospitality, tourism, marketing and operations management.

In her spare time, Marisol enjoys hiking, drawing, cooking new recipes, and playing with her cats Cecil and Rufus.

Paulo Henrique Guedes Pereira, Legal Intern

He provides the executive management with support in all legal activities.

Paulo has a technical degree in Informatics from the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the South of Minas Gerais. He currently studies Law at the University of São Paulo.

In his spare time, Paulo likes to read a good book and go somewhere quiet.




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