We dedicate great effort to engage citizens in civic life and hold public servants in the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches accountable for their actions. Our objective is to bring about change in the dominant way that citizens relate with their governments in Latin America.

When citizens are engaged and actively participating in the political process, democracy is strengthened, governments become more transparent and societies prosper. Unfortunately, the recent advance of populism and successive corruption scandals in Latin American countries have been undermining, not only trust in government, but also in democracy itself.

According to a study published by Latinobarômetro in the end of 2017, only 54 percent of individuals in the region supported democracy, and 23 percent said to be indifferent about whether the political system in their countries was democratic or not. Those are the lowest rates registered by this survey, which has been conducted in 18 countries since 1995.

To reverse this scenario, we develop and support projects that combat corruption and support the culture of legality, strengthening trust in institutions and legal systems.