H360’s second workshop advances the strategy to combat causes of violence and corruption in Latin America

H360’s second workshop advances the strategy to combat causes of violence and corruption in Latin America

Doctor Drauzio Varella, known for his volunteer work in prisons and author of severals books on the topic, the former Brazilian Minister of Justice José Gregori, and the judge Sueli Armani, responsible to the execution of sentences in the Taubaté jurisdiction in  the state of Sao Paulo (Brazil) – location where famous Brazilian convicts are jailed – were the honor guests of the second Workshop “Sentence, Prison and Reinsertion of Ex-inmates,” organized by the Humanitas360 Institute.

During the final portion of this 9-hour work day, the three guests participated in a fish bowl team activity in which they gave introductory talks about the topic and later debated with other participants. Before the fish bowl activity, other activities based on Otto Scharmer’s Theory U were used in order to create an environment conducive to attentive listening in which the participants felt closer to each other, and inspired to develop practical solutions towards a unified strategy to combat the increase of corruption and violence in Latin America.

The first activity of the workshop was the Social Presencing Theater. Inspired in techniques of meditation, psychodrama and family constellations, this activity invites its participants to incorporate roles of social actors that are key to the topic that is being discussed. Through this method, conflicts and tensions that exist among those actors emerge, so that the participants collaboratively find solutions to the issues being dealt with.

The second group activity of the day was the World Café. The participant were divided into groups and had to change groups as the topic of discussion changed. This technique seeks to encourage greater interaction and exchange of ideas among the participants. As the groups talked about the issues and co-created a Theory of Change regarding the workshop’s paradigm shift objective, they took notes and made drawings on large sheets of papers that were on the tables.

All of the work was recorded on video and counted on Mila Motomura from the Moom studio, who led the graphic facilitation during the workshop. The results of the texts, drawings and videos are being compiled by the H360 team and will be made available on this website soon.

Here is the list of all of the participants of the second workshop:

Adriano de Camargo, Sao Paulo City Hall

Ana Paula Pellegrino, Igarapé Institute

Bettina Lopes, Community Council – Taubaté

Carmen Botelho, Women’s Prison of Ananindeua, Pará

Celia Whitaker

Claudia Cardenette, Ação pela Paz Institute

Claudia Formenti, Community Council – Taubaté

Denis Russo Burgierman, Superinteressante Magazine

Drauzio Varella

Emerson Ferreira, Reflexões da Liberdade

Felippe Angeli, Sou da Paz Institute

Felipe Lobo, Community Council – Taubaté

Higor Oliveira, Community Council – Taubaté

Inês Lafer

Jorge Broide, PUC – São Paulo

José Gregori, former Minister of Justice

Luiz dos Santos, Community Council – Taubaté

Malu Nalini

Maria Teresa de Oliveira Ivo

Marina Dias, Defesa do Direito de Defesa Institute

Marlene Abbud, Community Council – Taubaté

Patricia Piragine, Community Council – Taubaté

Patricia Villela Marino, Humanitas360 Institute

Paulo César Bogianni, Community Council – Taubaté

Reginaldo Lima, PDR Institute Board Member

Ricardo Anderáos, Humanitas360 Institute

Solange Senese, Ação pela Paz Institute

Sueli Armani, Judge

Vinicius Poit, Recruta Simples