Documentary “Weaving Freedom”, produced by H360, now available at Itaú Cultural Play

Documentary “Weaving Freedom”, produced by H360, now available at Itaú Cultural Play

The film “Weaving Freedom”, produced by Patrícia Villela Marino and the Humanitas360 Institute, directed by Luiza Matravolgyi and scripted by Ricardo Anderáos, is now available at Itaú Cultural Play. This documentary tells the story of the construction of cooperatives for incarcerated women, from the original idea, which emerged in Pará as a project by the then prison director Carmem Botelho, to the operation of Cooperativa Lili, in the Tremembé women’s penitentiary, in São Paulo, with the support of H360.

“Weaving Freedom” has already been shown in face-to-face debates at the Civi-co space, in São Paulo, at the Feminine Incarceration Seminar in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, and in a chat with Luiza Matravolgyi (director and screenwriter of “Weaving Freedom”), Marina Dias (executive director of IDDD – Institute for the Defense of the Right to Defense), Patrícia Villela Marino  (H360 President) and Preta Ferreira (actress, singer and activist for the right to housing) with mediation by Fernanda Mena.

Now, the film reaches a wider audience, one of the goals of the project’s production company. “I believe in art and cultural manifestations to reach deeper places of the soul and, then, transform prejudices into reflections”, says Patrícia Villela Marino, president of H360.

To watch this documentary on the Itaú Cultural Play, simply sign up and access the streaming for free. In addition to “Weaving Freedom”, several other documentaries and Brazilian audiovisual productions are available for free to watch at home.

Film “Weaving Freedom”
Available for free at Itaú Cultural Play on this link: (available only in Brazil) 
Duration: 26 min
Movie Rating: 10 year old